Dec 20, 2016

Latest Obsessions

It’s great to work with like minded creatives, especially those who are working in the Toronto fashion market! Heres a interview that I shot and edited for Ivy, founder and blogger of Latest Obsessions.

To send off the 2016, I’d like to share with you all some videography work that I’ve done. I had the pleasure of sitting down with founder and blogger, Ivy of Latest obsessions a few weeks ago whilst chatting with her about her blog, background and just a few questions on style!

OC: Tell me a little about your background

 IVY: I’m 22 Years old and I  live in Toronto Canada. I grew up in the states but I was actually born in Nairobi Kenya. The first language that I ever learned was Swahili which most people are shocked by. Most people say “Your English is so good”. I learned when I was really little so I hope my English is really good.

“My entire family lives in Nairobi and I go back all the time, that’s like my second home.”

OCAside from Fashion, what are some of you interests?

IVY: I’m basically a giant contradiction, my interests are very varying and eclectic. I love talking politics and religion. I’m obsessed with watching the news, as well as an avid book reader. I also have an obsession with reality TV and I used to be embarrassed to say this, I watch the Kardashians and have seen every season of The Real Housewives.

OC: How would you define your style?

IVY: I’m obsessed with minimalism and very into clean lines. Black, white and grey. I’m definitely an anti-hoarder because I grew up with a hoarder…hey mom calling you out. But she’s basically one of those people from the show hoarders. When I do a lot of shopping and get new clothes, I believe I have to get rid of some old stuff.

“I typically keep my clothes that are in season and wear the most on a clothing rack.”

This way I can see my clothing rack from my bed. It helps me visualize what I’m going to wear the next day because I can look at it, and its just super clean. This way you know where all of your clothes are and its just easier to get dressed in the morning.

OC: What are some of your hobbies?

IVY: I love keeping journals. I’ve kept a journal since I was in high school.

“I just love writing funny things that are going on, experiences…”

I love looking back and opening a random page and just getting some insights into what I was thinking or doing then.

OC: Elevator pitch… what’s your blog about?

IVY: I love fashion, beauty and styling and that’s a huge reason why I decided to start my blog and start Youtube-ing. Its just a way to share my love and passion. I’m really excited to share my passion with you guys, and to hear from you guys what you’re obsessed with. Latest Obsessions to me is really just about sharing the things that I love most, and that evolves and changes. But I get pretty addicted to things and I’m all in so I’m excited to share my obsessions with you guys, and for you to share them with me!



Read Ivy’s Blog and connect with her here!

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