Power of Sleep

Oct 13, 2017

I think my Dad would be proud of me for writing about this.

When I was younger, my dad worked a lot of night shifts at a factory. His hours were all over the place and his overnight shifts really messed up with his sleep schedule. Back then it was easy for him to just deal with it but over time it became more apparent how sleep was something that was increasingly difficult to obtain.

Fast forward to the middle of my university degree, late nights were somewhat expected. I’d fall asleep with either paintbrush in hand, the letters on my computer screen becoming blurry, or the constant saving and backing up of InDesign and After Effects files. I’m sure this all can be applicable in any field…go ahead and stretch your creative muscles.

Anyone who knows me knows I am talented at sleeping. I am a hardcore power napper, and usually only take 10-15 min to recharge. I’ve accidentally fallen asleep on the subway standing up, after a fairly boring lecture one day. But what I’ve noticed lately in my sleep and creativity is that it is inherently linked.

I’m a creative…BLAH BLAH BLAH

My job, although sometimes mechanical is largely creative. The reason why I love it so much is that I get to make things look exciting, engaging and…for the lack of better words, pretty. But when I get a good nights sleep, I seem to have so much more energy for creative work that it’s almost like I’ve hit a restart button on the limits of my creativity. I am no scientist and will never claim to be one, but this subject has been researched quite frequently and proven to have interesting outcomes regarding creativity  and even learning comprehension. Maybe the mechanical starving artist that stays up late is a strange concept that we have built in our heads to signify creative genius.

So while I used to roll my eyes at my dad for emphasizing how important sleep is, I think he has some good points. All you creatives out there, and even if you aren’t one….go to sleep. Trust me, it’s for your own good, you might even make something amazing out of it.



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